Evening at the bench.

Learning to fly: Another year behind the camera

I follow two advices: Get it right from the start and use what you got. Also, good mood gives you nice flow.

As a news journalist I’ve been fortunate to have worked for years with some of the Nations brightest and most respected photographers. Since my own early years in the business I always thought a reporter should be able to catch decent pictures, if needed. I seldom needed. Today I do. So how do you catch up and get rid of the knowledge gap?

A few moments from sunset.
Let’s play.
Watching you.
Good, small steps from home.
Summer is coming.
Lights are on.
Keeper Sweeper.
What about you?

It’s not a happy prospect going to trial with a lawyer who considers your whole lifestyle a crime in progress. |Typewriter man| All things journo | swe fin eng